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Hello, I’m Paula


"I'm here to help you embrace radical acceptance, shape your narrative, and build emotional resilience. Your story, your ink"

Embrace The Decision

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Founder Paula Howell

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"Unlock Your Happiness and Strengthen Your Future . Be Your True Self."


Transformative Coaching

"Awaken Your Best Self with 'BE YOU' Transformative Coaching. Tap into your potential for conscious relationships, career success, and a fulfilling family life. Let's create the life you've always dreamed of."


"Reflecting on who I am and who I want to become, has been instrumental in guiding me towards a deeper self-understanding and a stronger connection in my relationship."

Laura M., Coaching Client 

"Are you ready to thrive as an individual while also honouring your own needs and building meaningful relationships?"


To truly embrace your identity and thrive in both your personal and relational life, it's essential to understand yourself deeply. Cultivating a strong self-relationship is the foundation for personal growth and thriving relationships. Once you've achieved this, you'll be better equipped to make conscious choices needed to make deliberate decisions that pave the way for an enhanced life—cultivating greater well-being in your body, mind,  spirit and relationship with self and others. 


We invite you to explore our community of wellness and healing. 

We value mind, body and spiritual growth. Community,  daily affirmations, meditations, Weekly Ink Reflection Lessons, Challenges, and proven practices to nurture your relationship with yourself and foster lasting, meaningful connections your life. 


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The Spilt Ink Speaking Tour: Early Bird Tickets

"Learn from Paula, our relationship and family expert, founder, and coach of Blanc Paige Ink. Paula, with her unique blend of vulnerability, humour, and extensive personal and professional experience, will inspire you to 'spill your ink.' Discover how your relationship with yourself forms the foundation of your relationships with others. Join us on stage and meet the vibrant Blanc Paige Ink community in your city. Stay tuned for exact location and timing, to be announced February 10th 2024."

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I’m here to support your process of of radical acceptance, heal from your history & build a legacy of emotional resilience."

Paula Howell, Founder